About Complete EDI

jitterbitb2b-monitorComplete EDI Solutions was founded in October of 2011 on a mission to change the way businesses viewed problems associated with modern EDI challenges.  Rather than engaging in the typical IT services practice of forcing clients into open-ended and expensive services contracts with large initial development costs, Complete EDI sought to partner with its clients and gauge its success based on outcomes rather than milestones.

To accomplish this, Complete EDI Solutions partnered with Jitterbit to develop Jitterbit B2B; a leading-edge technology EDI transaction engine previously unavailable anywhere else in the EDI Marketplace.  By coupling its proprietary EDI technology with the flexibility of Jitterbit, a platform to seamlessly integrate data between applications, Jitterbit B2B provided a robust and easy to use platform to define, map, and manage EDI data.

In January of 2014, twenty-four months ahead of schedule, Complete EDI Solutions deployed Jitterbit B2B in a live customer EDI environment.  The response to Jitterbit B2B was immediately positive, with customers delighted that integrations that had been delayed for months by vendors using tradition technologies could be completed in a manner of weeks.  Customers were also impressed by the accuracy, simplicity and robust functionality of Jitterbit B2B.

Find Out What Complete EDI Can Do For You

Complete EDI is offering a free initial EDI assessment to companies who are either interested in implementing EDI or are dissatisfied with their current EDI solution. We will assess your current B2B infrastructure, make suggestions on how it can be improve, and how Complete EDI can help.