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Meet Jitterbit B2B by Complete EDI

Jitterbit B2B, powered by Complete EDI, provides the world’s easiest, fastest, and most flexible solution for Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). Jitterbit B2B combines Jitterbit’s industry-leading Transformation Engine with advanced capabilities custom-tailored to EDI that allows for seamless integration to any enterprise application allowing you to quickly and accurately process transactions with your trading partners.  Coupled with Jitterbit and Complete EDI’s world-class service and support, Jitterbit B2B allows your company to realize true any-to-any business communication regardless of software, platform, or IT infrastructure.

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We looked at a number of EDI providers before finding Complete EDI. We have been extremely pleased with working with everyone at Complete EDI. They had no problem working with a customized software package, and were open to making any and all changes to better fit our business. I could not imagine completing this project with any other company, and would recommend them to anyone in search of a strong EDI partner.

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