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Connect any Application to EDI
Connect EDI to any Application
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Graphical Drag And Drop Mapper

Complete EDI is proud to offer Jitterbit B2B, the world’s newest and most efficient EDI Product platform available. Jitterbit B2B is an easy to use graphical EDI data and application integration software product that can transform the way you connect with your trading partners, and ensure stickiness through the broad extendibility of the platform. Designed for the technical business analyst, Jitterbit B2B allows organizations of all sizes to solve the challenges of application, EDI data, and business process integration. Jitterbit B2B’s graphical “No-Coding” approach simplifies and accelerates any to any data translation including X12, EDIFACT, TRADACOMS, XML, CICA,  HL7, Flat Files, etc.

 Graphical Drag And Drop Mapper

Automated Workflows

Jitterbit B2B, powered by Complete EDI, automatically discovers system configurations to help you get started quickly. The user interface allows non-technical users to point and click to define source & target systems, drag and drop to map data transformations, and easily run integration operations on batch, trickle or real-time schedules.  A fully featured administration console provides reporting, notifications and detailed user and group permissions. Jitterpaks allow you to import, export, and share every aspect of an integration, including document definitions, data mappings and transformations.

 Graphical Drag And Drop Mapper

Connect To Virtually Any Data Source

Industry standard connectivity options – Process any EDI document type including full AS2 connectivity for real-time connectivity to your trading partners.

EDI Data Mapping – Transform EDI messages to or from any combination of XML, flat files, or databases.

Trading Partner Management – Set-up and manage trading partners to enable EDI exchanges using standard EDI and eCommerce capabilities.

Trading Partner Enablement – Use Jitterbit B2B to deploy integrations.

 Graphical Drag And Drop Mapper

Take 15 Minutes & See For Yourself!

Let Cynthia Drake, Complete EDI’s Chief Technology Officer, walk you through a real-world customer example of Jitterbit B2B.

Additional Features

  • Allows multiple levels of user permissions. View only, view/edit for specific Trading Partners, view/edit all Trading Partners.
  • Automatically generates outbound control numbers (ISA, GS, and ST).
  • Automatically generates outbound 997 functional acknowledgments for inbound EDI data.
  • Batch recasting – Spits large files with multiple transactions into individual files.
  • EDI validation – Validates receipt of EDI with matching 997 functional acknowledgment.
  • Fast easy Trading Partner setup with drop down boxes
  • Matches inbound 997 functional acknowledgments with status (A,E,R) to outbound EDI transactions
  • Supports all X12 standards, versions, transactions.
  • Supports TRADACOMS Standards commonly used in UK
  • Supports HL7 transactions for Healthcare
  • Supports ACH Standard
  • Supports SWIFT Standard
  • Supports EDIFACT Standard
  • View Summary EDI information with multiple search criteria including KC count for each trading partner.

Transport Protocols: HTTP/S,Web Services (SOAP, REST), ODBC, JDBC, FTP, File Shares, LDAP, SMTP / POP3, and more…

Data Formats: XML –(WSDL, XSD), All EDI (X12, EDIFACT, TRADACOMS, XML, CICA,  HL7, etc.), Flat Text Structures, Hierarchical Text Structures, and more…

Platforms: Cloud, Windows, Linux, Solaris

Enterprise Applications: SAP, NetSuite, Microsoft Dynamics (CRM, AX, GP, NAV, SL) PeopleSoft, Oracle, JD Edwards, and more…

Databases: Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, MySQL, Sybase, Teradata, and more…

Existing SOA Platforms: webMethods, Tibco, IBM WebSphere, BEA WebLogic, and more…

3rd Party Applications: QAD, Infor, Vertical Response, Interwoven, AMS Advantage, Microsoft Sharepoint, Documentum, Amazon.com, and more…

SaaS Applications: Salesforce, NetSuite, WorkDay, RightNow!, Siebel On-Demand, and more…

Other Systems: Web Services, XML, Flat and Hierarchic Structures, Legacy, Active Directory, LDAP, and more…

Find Out What Complete EDI Can Do For You

Complete EDI is offering a free initial EDI assessment to companies who are either interested in implementing EDI or are dissatisfied with their current EDI solution. We will assess your current B2B infrastructure, make suggestions on how it can be improve, and how Complete EDI can help.